The Right to Tweet? How about the Right to Health Care?

Overnight there blossomed numerous Constitutional scholars on my Twitter feed. Countless Americans, members of both parties, representatives in Congress and average citizens debating the rights guaranteed us in the US Constitution. The right to access Twitter. The right to participate in inflammatory discourse online. The right to maintain a social media platform. The right to... Continue Reading →

Perseverance in the Time of Covid.

There’s a plague of locusts sweeping through eastern Africa and a novel, deadly viral pandemic at our doorsteps. It’s hard in these tumultuous times to suppress the feeling that we are facing a doom of biblical proportions. It’s easier to let the negativity bias dominate our psyche - to focus on the negative despite all... Continue Reading →

Where Has the Time Gone?

“Where has the time gone?”  While it may seem like a throwaway statement people make as the New Year approaches, it is also a somewhat ominous reminder of our most precious commodity - time. As a primary care physician, the elusiveness of this resource is one I am reminded of daily:  Do you have time... Continue Reading →

Our President – The Illusionist

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens [sic] first?!” This is a tweet from Donald Trump during this week's primary debate. Unfortunately, we as a nation are now accustomed to the speed of the President’s thumbs - tweeting out commentary and... Continue Reading →

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