Physician Burnout: A Conversation Needed Now More than Ever

“Everyday I walk past this bay of windows on the 11th floor. It’s the only part of the hospital where you get really good natural light so I always stop there for a minute. And every day, as I look out, I have to convince myself not to jump out of the window.” As she... Continue Reading →

Perseverance in the Time of Covid.

There’s a plague of locusts sweeping through eastern Africa and a novel, deadly viral pandemic at our doorsteps. It’s hard in these tumultuous times to suppress the feeling that we are facing a doom of biblical proportions. It’s easier to let the negativity bias dominate our psyche - to focus on the negative despite all... Continue Reading →

Where Has the Time Gone?

“Where has the time gone?”  While it may seem like a throwaway statement people make as the New Year approaches, it is also a somewhat ominous reminder of our most precious commodity - time. As a primary care physician, the elusiveness of this resource is one I am reminded of daily:  Do you have time... Continue Reading →

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